the things that pass us by

We are not who we were in the past. Sometimes we go back to old places, come across old friends or enemies, or maybe even just pick up some item that sends you reeling back into a past obession. In those moments, it suddenly becomes very obvious that you have changed. We are wiser or more bitter, or maybe we just feel like a different person in different circumstances all together. However the change is recognized, it’s sometimes hard to deal with the fact that we can’t go back.

If we knew then what we knew now, we’d still mess up, just in a different way. Each age also has its own pros and cons. As children, we have some limited freedoms, but we are dependent on others and their expectations of us, plus a whole slew of disrespect. As teenagers, we have struggles and problems that no one takes seriously because everyone goes through them, but those struggles help define us. As adults, we have freedom but so much more responsibility. There is no golden era. There is no perfect time. The best time of your life is the present, because that is the only thing you can change. 

As messed up or fantastic the past has been, we can’t fix it or continue living in it. It can be easy to see our past self as someone who is entirely different from who we are now. However, there are certain things that don’t ever change. We are born with a temperament. We have key obstacles that keep coming up to trip us. Our history will always be our history, we just keep adding to it. It’s a rush to be reminded of a past event, but at the end of the day, that event helped bring you to where you are now. The best part is that we always have the ability to use our past to make our future better. 

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