the key to climbing is asking questions

Stagnation is a funny thing. When we become stuck in a rut, we often ignore it. It’s like we fall into this deep pit and instead of trying to climb out, we decide to stay there with the dirt and disgusting insects. The climb seems so beyond us that we try and justify our situation, “Well, I actually have always been pretty fond of dirt!” There likely are geologists who are passionate about dirt, but the question is if you are doing what you need and want or if you’re settling for what’s easy. There is a distinction between being content and being foreclosed on growth. 

Being content is being at peace. It’s being able to look around and within yourself and knowing that, while things might not be perfect, there is something worthwhile in what you do. Become stuck in a routine where you close off your mind and dwell in this negative soup of your thoughts is not the same thing. However, it’s hard to see yourself for where you’re at. Are you trying your best or just saying you are? Are you saving yourself from burn-out or just giving up? Are you sticking to your beliefs or being close-minded? It’s not so simple to identify sometimes. 

However, the key is to reflect and keep asking questions of yourself. It’s putting your actions into the context of your whole life. The answers aren’t clear, but staying stuck in the pit is never the solution. Growing and learning isn’t just for the young. If we want to become more than who we are, we have to keep going. We have to question our assumptions, know where we are going, and being open to really listening. We only truly stagnate when we stop caring 

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