the anxious zone

Working on desk is like being a deer in a bright orange cage in the middle of hunting season. I don’t much care for it. As a customer service representative for a library, there’s a solid trillion little details people could ask you at any time and you are expected to know them all. It’s incredibly stressful, especially since my primary job at the library is usually just putting books away or shelf reading, away from a majority of humans. 

It’s being in a situation in which I am incredibly uncomfortable, however, that reminds me how amazing it is that everyone is different. Some people genuinely hate pineapple on pizza. There’s cat ladies, truckers, soccer moms, people from every walk of life, all around us. What’s especially fascinating is how some people live in the same neighborhood their entire life, and others get frustrated because they’ve only visited five continents. Everyone has a different range of what is comfortable, and with it, different desires. 

However, at the end of the day, we need to be able to be uncomfortable. We need to be able to be in strange situations and figure out a way to deal with them. Life will never be as luxurious and relaxed as we want. Life will never stop being a struggle in some manner, so keep fighting. Fight to let go of petty grudges, fight to hold onto your values, fight to be better than the person you were yesterday! It’s not comfortable. It’s not easy. It’s worse to stop fighting, and only more to gain to keep on. 

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