Forming ice

Thanks to Radiolab, I learned today that pure water doesn’t actually freeze at “freezing point”; instead, in most instances, it needs a ‘seed’ to help the water molecules structure themselves into solid form. The seed can be a piece of dust or bacterium, but when that seed is introduced, that is when fluid gains form. 

Like water, we need a seed to start out with. We think we can structure ourselves under the right circumstances, no big deal, but we end up needing to depend on an outside force. It can be a strong wound to pride to accept that you need help. Afterall, we want to think of ourselves as competent. Needing others means that you can’t make it on your own, and needing others means you need to be vulnerable. Being vulnerable is embarressing. It’s revealing the ugliest, worst parts of yourself, knowing that you can only hope people won’t leave you after. It’s hard to depend on people. However, it’s even harder not depending on anyone. 

When we depend on others, and use that support to form something bigger than you both, that’s important. One of the most amazing things about water is this solidification. Whereas every other molecule grows heavier and denser in solid form, water grows lighter when it turns into ice. The very fact that ice floats means so much to our environment, allows for so much life. We can’t see what we can become if we don’t become vulnerable and accept support from others. Furthermore, without accepting support ourselves, it’s hard to give support and help that others need. Don’t be fluid, find your structure, find your seed. It’s worth it. 

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