Right now

We are in a unique time, in terms of history. But we are also in a unique time in terms of identity: right now. Right now is the strangest concept we could ever even think to perceive because we are always perceiving it. We can’t really wrap our minds around it, but somehow it is always “right now”. When we consider quantum physics and relativity, the essence of our linear existence is beyond baffling. So what?

One of the most beautiful parts of being human is that we like to operate like we’re in a story. We see things as having beginnings, middles, and ends. We write ourselves mental narratives and spontaneously mental time-travel to make everything make sense. In stories, we ignore the details of the doorknobs unless describing the doorknob has some deeper meaning to the theme. In a similar fashion, somehow if we don’t process the information we see, it’s like we never saw it. It passes through our visual memory and dies within milliseconds.

Right now and the narrative of life are important because they are how we exist. When we get too caught up in the overarching story, stuck on some page way back, or keep speed reading for the paragraph we want, we lose our “right now”.  When we focus on the right now excessively, we can be forgetful, not plan ahead, and that can be miserable to look back on. Whether we like it or not, this is us. Who you are right now is who you are, for all your flaws and virtues. You can change that for the better, you can aim for some shiny ending, but you have to do it right now. It will never be easier, but it will always be better than doing nothing.

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