It’s the most stressful time of the year 

With the holiday season ramping up, things are becoming more stressful and it’s only going to get worse from here on in. Money is tight and yet each day you remember some other family member or friend that you need to be kind to and buy a thoughtful gift for. While others may claim it’s best time of the year, the so-called “happiest time of the year” can be miserable for a lot of people.

In a time and place where close ones are celebrated, it makes a lack of intimacy seem even more apparent. Like the saying goes, we never really seem to know what we have until it’s gone. It may be easy, therefore, to think that holidays don’t matter, or that the stress isn’t worth it, or overall, that you are alone. But you’d be wrong.

Holidays matter because it’s important to take a break and be grateful for what we have. The stress can be overwhelming, so take care of yourself, it’s okay to lean on others, as long as they know they can lean on you. Most of all, you are never as lonely as you think. Or rather, you are never as alone as you think. Talk. Be awkward and deal with the strangeness of making new friends. Catch up with old buddies, deal with the stress of not being as far along or successful as them. Do something, communicate in some form! It’s hard to socialize, but it’s worse to not. It’s true, this season is hard, but it’s also a challenge. It’s representative of our lives. Take care of yourself and push through! The best gift of all will be getting to the end of it, if nothing else. 

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