Moronic mistakes

We can always tell what was an idiotic decision after we made it, but somehow rarely before. Hindsight is 20/20. We want to believe that we somehow will be immune to the faulty thought processes in the future. At the end of the day, however, our mistakes are our own. People have died in ridiculous ways because they just didn’t think about it. On paper, it’s super easy to point out the logical inconsistencies, but we don’t often operate on logic as our primary method of processing.

Our initial emotional reaction is what drives us, and logic is just a filter we put over it. Logic is a filter that requires effort and energy to use, so when we’re tired or just cognitively lazy, we don’t use it. Everyone makes stupid mistakes because everyone gets tired. We become lazy and take risks that don’t always pay off like we want them to. We should avoid stupid mistakes, it’s true. However, we are always going to end up making them. 

And that’s okay. When life throws us obstacles, we learn how to drive better. It’s bothersome and takes up our time, it’s genuinely not fun at all. Still, we are better for it afterwards. We learn to be more careful with the dishes, not put expensive  things in precarious positions, learn to control our tongues– we learn. That is the key. It would be nice to not feel uncomfortable at all and always do everything perfectly, but we are mortal. It is bring able to be a moron that makes us appreciate when we get it right. It is by learning and growing that we are given purpose. It’s okay to be an idiot by accident. 

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