Don’t forget to rest

What constitues a “break”? You can go on a trip for a year in the most luxurious place on earth and still not feel rested. Rest is a physical need for your body and mind; if one of those isn’t at peace, it’s not rest. Resting your body is pretty straightforward: don’t do anything excessive, drink lots of water, and eat good food. Resting your mind? That’s another deal altogether.

The first step is to avoid too much social media; it’s emotionally draining and makes your thought processes more negative. The next is to get connected to others, to the degree you need. Extroverts need those extra few hours of socialization, it’s how they unwind. Introverts need to be around people as well! Just not in excess. If you’re introverted, try connecting to maybe one person one on one. Then start doing some pleasing task. For most people, listening to music is extremely therapeutic. You could draw mindlessly, or listen to a podcast, or knit. The bottom line is that everyone needs a calm mind at some point. 

It is good and healthy to challenge yourself. Each day, we should aim to make ourselves at least a little bit uncomfortable. However, there should be a line. There needs to be a disctinction in your day between work and rest. You need both to their full extent! So take your rest as seriously as your work. Make it a priority to relax. The world can wait a while. 

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