What we need to understand to live a full life

Understanding is a strange process. We may think we understand a lot of things, but even something as simple as a definition can allude us when someone asks. Whenever we engage in conversation, we assume the other person has enough context to understand what you mean. Sometimes understanding isn’t just knowing something, but knowing something on a deep level. Understanding requires a lot of effort, more than we usually want to give, but one of the most amazing things we can experience is that moment where even we don’t know what we mean and a friend can understand it.

In some ways, that’s what a friendship is: an understanding. You know you can depend on them and they on you, you enjoy each other’s company, and most of all, you know each other on a level where there is a connection. Friendship isn’t really friendship if you can’t communicate with each other because a lack of communication leads to loneliness. Lonely friendships defeat the whole purpose. Friendship is something that is almost sacred, it involves trust and the emotional support that they know, they understand how you’re feeling, even if it’s something they can’t help with.

We need connections. We need relationships, especially close ones. Loneliness legitimately kills; It increases your risk of disease, mental illness, and shortens your life expectancy. Even more than that, being alone feels miserable. Our relationships matter because we need to be understood. The support we get from our community and those around us is structure that builds us up to the best we can be. We can understand books, subjects, theatrical plays, anything and everything, but the most important thing to understand is that we need people.


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