A vague reminder

If you’ve ever read a book that has too many details, you know it’s overwhelming. If you need an index to keep all the characters straight, maybe there are too many characters. Knowing the setup and tiny features of every single room doesn’t really matter unless it’s important to the plot. Sometimes we focus on all the insignificant details of our own life, and lose sight of the big picture. 

Don’t get me wrong, details matter. Paying attention to our small actions can reveal some important things about our beliefs. However, those details shouldn’t be like walking through a swamp. We need to get an accurate picture, not a cluttered one.

So make a list of what you need to get done, but remember why you want to get it done. Write clearly and legibly so you can read it later, but know it’s okay if it’s not the professional caligraphy you want. It’s hard to find a balance between caring about the little moments and getting lost in them, but it is important. It’s different for every person, but try to zoom out or zoom in as you need, focusing on what matters.

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