The attributes of a new day

There is an excitement to each new thing because of it’s newness. It’s why we buy notebooks even when we aren’t done the last one(s), why wearing something new is fun even when it’s uncomfortable, and why even folding the laundry can be therapeutic. It’s the daring nature of buying anything white: maybe I won’t stain this and remember to wash it only with other whites! In reality, no. That’s likely not going to happen, we are too forgetful and clumsy. However, that’s the key word: likely

It’s clean, hygenic, in fashion; it’s new. The newness that we like to surround ourselves with makes us hopeful. The odds might be heavily stacked again’t us, but being in something new has a special hope that isn’t as salient the older a thing gets. Birth, weddings, some of our most important days revolve around our beginnings because at that point, we haven’t messed it up yet. Overtime, things get worn and we get used to them. They aren’t new and so we don’t care if we spill something on them. We’ve already broken our ideal version of them, and now we just live like we normally do.

The only difference between our opinions when things are new and when they aren’t is that we have enough experience to know how things will likely turn out and we’ve made our peace with it. However, we need to fight a bit more. We need to keep a few things new in our heart, and keep our hopes up, and work to fulfill all they can be. It’s alright to get used to a pair of shoes, but we shouldn’t be so ready to take our lives and relationships for granted. Today is a good day. It’s a new day. 

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