Statistically speaking, just say screw it

Sometimes we act like ugly phone cases: we want protection from anything that can hurt what we care about. In some cases, what we care about might be ourselves. And it’s frightening to consider, but we could die from a car wreck or have a lethal heartattack at practically any time. As much as we want protection and safety, there will always be risks that we can’t account for. So how do we deal with this? How do we live our lives without covering ourselves, our loved ones, and our dogs in bubblewrap? We sort out our beliefs, take reasonable precautions, and say ‘screw it’.

At birth, we start out as statistical anomalies, for the millions of chances that could have voided our existence. We were born, raised, and taught the way we were, and so now we are here. We are alive in this present moment. It is very reasonable and desirable to want to be safe! However, there comes a line between living and staying safe. The colonial European Americans rebelled against their mother country in the first place because even though they were being protected, in theory, the lives they were living weren’t what they wanted to be. Fear is healthy and natural, but too much of it can choke out opportunity and happiness.

There will always be fear. There will always be the statistical likelihood of something horrible happening. However, if we are given this time alive, we should use it! Courage is a hard thing to come by because it’s not something you just come by. Instead, it is a skill that is cultivated over hours and hours of practice. It’s not that some people are braver than others, it’s that some people have utilized more opportunities to develop it. You don’t have to jump into the lion’s den right away. What you do is test yourself, put yourself out of your comfort zone, and take action. Then you do it again, and then you do it again. You do it until you’ve expanded your definition of what is comfortable. Otherwise, you’re just an ugly phone case without any scratches.



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