Each day is a photograph 

The nature of photography is that you spend seconds or minutes or hours of your life preparing for this one specific moment, where everything suddenly fits together. You can take a good photo if your life is falling apart and a bad photo in the happiest moments. The point is that you have this one moment of art captured, in a way no one else could ever mimick perfectly. We have train ourselves to see each day like a photograph, so we can appreciate the view better.

Each day is a mixture of whatever we’ve gone through before, whatever the people we will interact with have gone through, and our environment. As to say, we can’t control too much about our day. A bitter old man might yell at you regardless of what you do, just because he’s been through so much pain, his empathy is numbed. While we can vote to change the law, we can’t decide to go against the law without substantial amounts of legal protection and expect to avoid the consequences. We can’t decide which bird flies where. If each day is a photo, we can’t pick the location. However, we can pick which parts we want in the frame, and where our focus in drawn. 

While there is so much that is out of our control, we can decide how we are going to approach each day. We can decide what we are going to do to make this day better. We can ignore the old man, vote, and enjoy the bird wherever it flies. Each day is like a photo, so let’s try to take a great picture and make our lives a piece of art.

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