What a beautiful day and what a beautiful you

Autumn is an absolutely lovely season. It’s colder than I want it to be about 76% of the time but the leaves are lovely and sweaters are darling. The best part about it though, is how it’s symbolic. Leaves falling off trees means dead leaves. Animals are leaving and preparing for a brutal coming season of winter. In the cycle of nature, fall is where most everything begins to die. But it’s a beautiful season anyways! We celebrate different holidays, appreciate the aesthetic, work hard, and see the results! Fall represents death and yet here we are anyways, living the best we can. 

Look at this! Today is today! It’s never been here before and yet we’ve always been in this place. You have gotten through every bad day you’ve ever had. You have gotten through everyday to this point, period. While life might be difficult right now, you’re making it through. It’s important to remember that life is a progression; you weren’t pluncked down into this day without warning, you’ve been building up to this place your entire life. 

Even when life is difficult, today is still a gift. For every con there is a pro. Autumn is indeed a marvelous period of time because right now it is autumn. When we get too caught up, we forget to appreciate things, so let’s appreciate it! Let’s be grateful for everything we have and all we will do. 

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