Inktober is life

#inktober is a challenge in which every day of the month of october, a person draws an ink work. Usually they can go off of the prompts given, but the goal is to draw every day and work on their skills with just a pen. The hard thing about inktober isn’t coming up with a work, nor is it even drawing. Instead, the hardest challenge is drawing every day, seeing others who are better at art than you. Other people seem to be more creative, have a cooler style, just are more proportional and realistic! And somehow they manage to do it everyday. However, the awesome thing about it, is that the challenge is open to everyone. Life is like inktober.

As in, everyone is challenged to participate everyday, and everyday they see people who are somehow “doing better”. Sometimes people skip over a day, things get in the way. The fact is that we’re messed up. We’re faulty. Every work, every day could have been done better. 

But you know what? Trying your best everyday is like drawing because you get better with practice. You don’t have to make each day a masterpiece, you just have to get something down. “You’ll never fail if you don’t try” is a misleading because life isn’t something you fail or succeed at. It just happens. The question is if you’ll be happy with that, with what you have right now. The future is up in the air. Who knows how it will fall. Do you want to live with hope and purpose or do you want to ignore what you could accomplish because it’s hard? Today is a good day, if you make it. 

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