Again putting situation and context in place 

As much as we want to see ourselves as beings with solid identities, who we are is fluid. We can be kind amongst our friends, but would a stranger ever know that? Would a co-worker ever know that? We might tell oursleves that we are hardworkers, we just need the right motivator, but then have no paitence when other people act lazy in a task they don’t care about. I love personality quizzes, but most of the time, even valid results can only accurately predict in certain situations. 

Cultures have a massive impact on people as well, there have been a lot of studies in various east asian countries as well as in western countries. A large part of how people define themselves depends what their culture values. If you value honesty, you’re going to be much more accepting of a blunt reality than having to live a lie. If you value harmony, you’re going to be a lot more self-sacrificing and considerate of others with less room for your own needs. If you value individuality, you’re going to value exciting endeavours and personal pride over other people’s feelings. 

However, as much as we are different in the situations we go through and cultures we grow up in, we have to remind oursleves of what really matters. Not everyone is kind and hardworking and the perfect model, because no one is perfect. Still we can strive to be the best we can be, in all situations, to all peoples. 

Caring is hard. There are just some people that get on your nerves, there’s actions people take that’s unfeeling towards others. Not everyone tries their best, and sometimes those people get “ahead” over the people who try really hard. When we want to judge the world for injustice though, we need to put into perspective how injust and hypocritical we can be oursleves. If we want to make a difference on a large scale, we also need to make a difference interally as well. Caring is hard, but we should do it anyways, for the betterment of the world. 

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