When was the last time you wrote a poem?

Humans are petty, we like when people notice the small things we put effort into. The extent of which varies from culture to culture, but when we know other people notice our efforts, it’s nice. It feels good. “Oh is that a new shirt?” “You have really neat handwriting, that must’ve taken a long time!” “That’s a cool photo! How did you do that?” It doesn’t have to be big (although noticing the big events can be very important as well). There are billions of people on the planet but how many of them feel lonely? How many people feel lost and unloved? Too many. 

 Lots of people dream of becoming celebrities, in part because of the money, but also because we have this desire to be adored. If that’s true, then let’s be genuine fans of other people. There’s a lot we can do to make the people we care about feel and know it.  Let’s try our best to notice the details. Notice someone’s favorite song. Remember what things they do on the weekend. Actually listen to the people who talk to you. Do unto others that which you would want done unto you. 

Love poems seem clique and old fashioned, but sometimes we need to be clique and old fashioned. Afterall, who said love poems only have to be romantic? St. Valentine himself wasn’t writing lines to his girlfriend but letters of encouragement to his friends. Dear friends can be even more important than a lover. Let’s try to treat others like we are writing them a love poem with our actions. The closer we draw to those around us, the more at home we become. 

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