Understanding Complexity 

On the cellular level, glucose becomes systematically broken down into ATP. Then the ATP gets used as when the phosphate group is removed and potential energy becomes kinetic energy. As to say, our bodies work because of a physical process that’s determined by natural laws. Psychology is the study of the mind, of trying to figure out the processes and patterns of human cognition. However, as much as we know and as much as we are learning, humans are incredibly complex for a number of incredibly complex reasons. Pyschology doesn’t have laws like physics or chemistry because there are so many factors that go into making someone who they are. 

We can’t accurately state that “they’re a jerk!” It’s more statistically correct to say, “They Exhibit Unappealing Temporal Traits Frequently When In My Presence According to My Subjective View”. However no one is going to say something like that. We operate with general rules of thumb and assumptions because every situation involves so much stimuli and we are limited creatures. We can only understand so much.  

How about instead we try to take people as they are: as people who’ve been through things we might not understand. You don’t have to be best friends with everyone. You don’t have to agree with people or even like them. Sometimes someone is a jerk and there isn’t a process or natural law dictating what the ‘correct’ response is. We just have to operate the best way we can, trying to keep everything in perspective. Let’s try to be a little more respectful of what we don’t know. 

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