And so it goes

A clever note to myself is to never again put  coconut milk in a sugary coconut black bubble tea, because while coconuts are fabulously delicious, gulping down pure coconut syrup-like gunk as fast as I can on my work break isn’t my most thoroughly considered decision. Nor is going to talk to my boss and blankly standing there because I can’t think of basic words my proudest moment. The fact is, we make a lot of mistakes, I make a lot of mistakes. Not the dramatic ones as much as the just plain annoying ones. Part of the allure of cheesy action adventure movies is that when the unrealistically huge explosion goes off, the hero still looks put together. A deep part of our humanity is desiring that, wanting to look suave and perfect. 

But we aren’t. As much as we try to be and look professional, we can’t always keep the facade up. A big part of life seems to be learning how to not care if the image doesn’t line up in perfect little boxes. Are you selfish? Are you honest with yourself?  Are you being the kind of parent or child or sibling or lover or friend that you should be? Life is demanding, there’s a lot to it, and we miss a lot of opportunites when we don’t have our priorities straight.

 Looking professional is awesome, but when our public ego driven lives becomes more important than who we truly are as people, there’s a problem. When your automatic “How are you?” isn’t sincere, it’s a sign that you’re missing something important. Everyone is in a state of becoming, whether its for better or worse, and its always better or worse, there’s no plateau. We can either accept the silly mistakes and go after solving the big problems, or focus on the small things and miss out on something really huge. Go for it. Live. You’re not a power ranger, its okay to take shelter from an explosion. 

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