The winged eyeliner matters

Beauty is a form of self control. We use makeup to cause the illusion of symmetry and accentuate attractive features, it is a skill to be honed. Certain clothes highlight those parts which our culture values, and keeping with those trends takes effort. To be healthy requires focus and self control on a daily basis. No matter the gender, to be attractive physically is a form of self denial for what is percieved to be a greater purpose. Therefore, it could be argued that “looking nice” shows strength of character.

 Afterall, if you spend large amounts of money on attire and products, you most likely care about your life. It shows you put the effort in yourself and so you might be willing to put it in something else as well. However, this doesn’t always transfer over so easily. We have limited amounts of self control, and limited time to care about things. If you only care about appearance, you’re missing out. Besides, what about people who don’t care about their appearance and use self control for other, arguably greater, things? 

If you scorn people who put effort into their appearance, you’re scorning someone’s values and effort. Frankly, that’s messed up. Also, if you scorn people who don’t put effort into their appearance, you’re missing out on what they do put their time and effort into, what they do value. Sometimes people care and sometimes they don’t. The perfect mix is probably somewhere in the middle. Respect people. 

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