Step by step dolphin training

What we want is mostly irrelevant. Likely millions of other people want the same sorts of things. We are held in check by going after them by these silly things called responsibilites. That’s why the childhood dream of adulthood is so far off; adults technically could do whatever they want, but do they have the resources for it? Would their credit score be impacted? Would the people closest be okay with it? There’s so many factors in the idea of “adult freedom”. However, we are given a wonderful opportunity.

That opportunity is life itself. I could want sleep, food, a few spare billion dollars, and a more clear cut view of the future instead of the responsibility of work. The fact is, what I want isn’t going to fall into my lap. However, I can do two things to significantly make my situation better. 

1. I can work out how I’m going to reach my goals. We can write out plans, research opportunites, and actually take those risks. Want to become a dolphin trainer? Where’s the nearest training academy? Maybe you live in Idaho, work out how you’re going to save up money, and make a kickstart. In the meantime, read some books on it! See if you want it enough even after reading through manuals. 

2. I can be grateful for where I’m at. Someone always has it worse and someone always has it better. There are always pros and cons. Achieving your goals isn’t going to make everything work out perfectly. Being a CEO means a lot of money, but it also means a lot of stress. Every situation can teach us something. 

So do something about your goals. Live. Refine what you want, nail it down, and go after it. Today is a good day to be the best self you can be. 

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