Do you know what you’re doing right now?

Everyone could always do more, but we don’t because we are human. We need sleep, food, and social interaction. We need to rest and do nothing every once in a while, to mentally relax. Still, its hard to know where the line is. Where does ‘needed rest’ end and ‘unhealthy procrastination’ begin? We could always do more, but do we always know what things we should put the most value on? Afterall, family is important but if the Boss expects something to be done by Monday, how do you navigate the waters well enough to give everyone what they need? 

Balance is such an important concept, entire religions center around it. Still, with our human limitations, how do we learn to keep it? 

We don’t, not at first.  What we do instead is learn. When we mess up, it gives us the hint that we pushed too hard in one area and not enough in another. The reason older people have been treated with respect over the centuries and different cultures, is because they’ve simply had the experience of messing up enough to learn how to do less of it. Everyone fails. The key is to take something away from it and rush back into the game anyways. There is nothing shameful about trying your best. No one particularly knows what they’re doing, you just get better at pretending like you do. So go out! Learn the limitations and do great things.

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