There’s nothing wrong with backups but triplets of everything is a bit much

The thing about minimalism is trust. Will I have enough money to replace this one thing I have in two weeks? In two months? In a year? We hoard less because we are attached to the things and more because of what it represents. Accumulating junk tells our psyche that we’ll be prepared, for any of the infinite possible futures ahead of us. However, we can’t be prepared for infinite with finite resources. We can’t always be ready, and that’s a frightening thing to realize.

College is beginning for a lot of folk, but even if you don’t see yourself at some sort of pivotal moment in time, we all can work on faith. Everyone operates on faith, on the smallest levels when sitting down or crossing the street. As much as our human minds would love to be able to be some sort of floating mass unattached to anything, we are all physical beings in a physical world affecting each other, for the moment at the very least.   We have to operate on trust because there is no other way to live, we have to hope that the probabilities will work out well. But even more importantly, we have to try anyways.

There will always be fear and doubt. There will always be the need to hold on to extra things. To a degree, it’s smart to prepare for what could happen, but we should remind ourselves that even if we aren’t ready, aren’t prepared, we’re going to do our best to face the future ahead. Because just as there are many possible crash and burn outcomes, we could also achieve so many great things if we muster the courage. The result of standing by has been proven by billions and billions of people throughout history to only result in more pain and misery. It’s frightening, but go for it anyways, just a little bit today. And then go for it again a little bit more tomorrow. Then try a little bit more every day until you are the person you could be.

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