What the outside of the box looks like 

The price of individuality is that we never truly know how we come across to the people we meet. The strange feeling you get when you watch a recording of yourself still isn’t precisely everyone else’s view of you because you’re a biased watcher. You know You, and everyone else you have to trust at their words and actions. Each of us passes thousands of strangers in the street, in the shops. Everywhere we go we come across people we’ll never know, who make snap judgements about what kind of people we are. Those snap judgements shouldn’t hold massive sway over us, but sometimes we need to know the snap image we have of ourselves. Who do we see ourselves as? Someone who will do great things? Good family members? Or someone despicable?

We’re all complex, you can’t deny that. However, if you get to the bolts, core actions, what kind of person are you sending across an image of? Other people’s opinion shouldn’t be the be all or end all, but it can be a good summary of who you really are, not just who you think you are. I can think I’m a nice person, but if I’ve been rude to cashiers and gossiped about some co-workers, am I really as “nice” as I think I am? 

People have a habit of being mean to other people. We are cruel and unforgiving as a species. But we can also be better than that. How other people view us isn’t the end of the world, but we shouldn’t leave it to the wayside either. Let’s be honest with ourselves. Let’s look at ourselves with open minds. Let’s work to be better, we can do this. 

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