Be ready to say “I’m sorry”

Taking risks can turn out badly. For example, I bought a great deal of clothes from some random site I had never used before because it was cheap, and you know what? It was cheap. Poor quality. Unwearable in the eyes of a snob like me. I’m going to have to send basically everything back. And while sending back clothes I bought online isn’t the most drastic situation, it can serve as a good example anyways. You can waste money, things can turn out in a way you don’t expect, you can end up with things that aren’t so easy to fix as clothes. 

Everyone messes up. As long as we fess up, we can then get on to fixing the problem.  Humans are flawed, imperfect, and pretending otherwise just invites trouble. We tend to think that if we don’t ever take risks, that if we plan it out right, then we can avoid the humiliation of being wrong. But then we are anyways. It’s inexorable. 
So what then? Shall we stop living? 

Let’s not. Instead, let’s be risky. Let’s take chances and be ready to fix our mistakes when they come. Why be held back by fear? Little by little, push yourself to greater things, one day at a time. Make each day better than the last, if just by a little bit. 

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