People are annoying but don’t let it get in the way

People can be a lot to deal with. It’s not bad to be introverted, the world needs introverts. Alone time doesn’t always equal horrible health, its good to get away every once in a while. However, humans are social beings at the end of the day. When we have trouble connecting, we suffer. We need to be around people, annoying people, great people, and everything inbetween. By being around people, we learn and grow. The amount of time we need to be around people varies from person to person, but without interaction, we get lost in our own heads. 

So get out every once in a while, have a solid conversation. Have some adventures in a physical tromping through the forest kind of way. People are interesting. If you’ve lived with yourself your whole life and can still learn new things about yourself, why do we assume we can sum other people up so simply? There are always things to love and hate, get to know people. So seriously, get out! Live and be awkward and get through it to get to the good stuff.  This is a good day to live the best life you can!

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