Be nicer

Celebrity worship is a cultural custom of America that is strange and likely highly unhealthy, but we can all learn a few things from it. Number one is that anyone can be loved, for stupid little things even. A fan watching an interview with their favorite actor or actress can literally find anything to freak out about, like their smile or how they move. Even people who wouldn’t be considered traditionally attractive can suddenly become lovable in the public eye. Granted, that love can go sour easily and celebrities are flawed humans, but everyone is flawed. If someone can see a person from afar and accept their imperfections, is it really unthinkable that we can be kind to others, that we can be kind to ourselves?

Rich people are often physically appealing simply because they can afford to be healthy. They have health insurance, so they can be preventative. They have the resources to buy skin care products, clothes of high quality that fit, etc. In the right circumstances, anyone can become healthy and more confident. Just because someone is poor doesn’t mean they are refusing to try. We all should strive for greater things. Still, its worth remembering what people are capable of when given the resources to do so. 

You can always respect people. Its easy to hate other people because we see where they are right now and forget that humans can change for the better. In the right light, in the right circumstance, we all can be better, prettier, smarter, healthier, etc. Humans are flawed, and we are where we are, but if we can worship regular humans as gods, we can also remember to be kind to the regular people around us. 

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