We should all try more 

The wonderful thing about art is that two artists can have completely different styles, totally different subjects, and both create something beautiful. We tend to get into a habit of comparison with lots of different things, when its apples to oranges. So when it comes to our lives, the goal should be to make it the best we can, not making it look like somone else’s best. 

So today, do something crazy: make a list. Make a list of what you want to accomplish today, small reasonable goals. Then, even more fantastically, do it. Do as much as you can, completed to the best of your ability. That way you can never say you didn’t try. 

And why would you not want to try? Nothing gets better until you put in the effort to make it better. Don’t wait for your life to pass you by, jump on the train and start shoveling the coal. This is your life! For better or worse, and you can always make it better. You can do this.

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