Money Money Money by ABBA

The best thing about money is having it. For a symbolic representation of resources owned, money has consumed our society because humans need materials like food and housing to survive. On one hand, the over obession with money can destroy relationships, and on the other, you also need it to provide for yourself and do basically everything. The dollar bill seems to be the representation of greed and corruption in physical form, but is it evil? 

Honestly, no. Money is inanimate and shows no signs of cognitive comprehension, so how can it be? But it has power because it gives us a sense of stability in an ever-changing world. If you have money, then it doesn’t matter if you get into a car accident tomorrow, you can deal with it. Money means your kids can go to school and do their best without worrying about food or where to stay. Money means checking out medical problems before its too late. Money means a lot, whether we like it or not. But we aren’t just physical beings, we have emotional and interpersonal realities to deal with. The key about money is that after a certain point, its irrelevant to happiness. 

So where’s the balance? What’s wanting too much? What’s greed and what’s wanting to provide for yourself? What’s chasing money and what’s being fiscally irresponsible?

If you think about money all the time, you’re missing something. If you never think about money, you’re missing something. Money isn’t evil, its just a tool that can be corrupting. It’s not bad to want money, it’s bad to only want money. If we can spend the time to learn how to spend resources well, and spend the rest on the other important things, we’re doing well. Be wise but don’t let money rule you, and live your fullest life. 

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