Hone your dreams

For some people, what they want to do in life is clear cut: get into this college, intern here, get a job there, marry hometown usa, and find some white paint for the pickett fence. For others, it’s more along the lines of, “umm I want to help people (?)” Even for adults who’ve somehow mystically found out their dream job, there’s a lot of variables in play. If the job is good, the boss sucks. If the boss is great, the pay sucks. If everything about work is great, something somewhere else is always falling apart. The problem is when it comes to, “what should I do with my life?”, there is always doubt. 

That being said, I don’t think of doubt as a problem inherently. Doubt is only a vice when it stops you from doing anything at all. In smaller amounts, it teaches you to critically think and make wise choices. Having doubt is natural about any decision, especially big ones. Its more worrying if you have no hesitations at all. 

When it comes to goals, dreams, and aspirations then, how do you overcome those fears? I’d say if you look at your life and find one particular dream and skill come up again and again, that’s probably your home base, where you feel the most yourself. Obviously some activities are more productive than others, but if you continue to dwell on a task, it means its important to you. So put even more effort in. Be specific about your goals, even if you think you might change it later. Keep the doubts, but go forward anyways. 

Although this is written more for high school students worried about careers, there isn’t an age limit on doing what you want to do. As we grow older, we gain responsibilites and people depend on us, but that doesn’t mean you have to give up. Following your dreams can be selfish or selfless, but the difference is how you use them. 

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