Appearances matter, but they shouldn’t be overrated

Greek sculptures are beautiful, and yet represent something unattainable. Bodies usually grow hair. Our muscles grow weak with age, we have fat and bones, strange noses, unchiseled chins: we are human. Lately there have been lots of self-love movements across various social media sites. It makes me so happy, and at the same time, it can seem a little ridiculous. Even if you claim everyone is beautiful, some people are still more physically attractive than others. Its in our pyschology to find certain traits appealing and other traits unappealing. That being said, its a common social phenomenon to adapt what “attractive” looks like. Twiggy, famous model who championed the skinny almost boy-like girl look in the 60s, probably would have been shamed a 100 years earlier for the exact same bodytype. 

So what’s the key? In my opinion: to stop caring so much about ourselves. Everyone has attractive and unattractive traits. It didn’t matter that Einstein’s hair was unruly, he discovered the granular nature of the universe at 25! What we do, what we put our effort into, matters. 

I’m not saying physical apperance doesn’t matter, we know it does. How many strangers do you see everyday? It doesn’t have to be malicious, but we do make assumptions about people as a way of processing information. Betsy might always be prettier than Sue, its true, but that doesn’t make Betsy better or Sue worse. People are treated differently based upon how they look, and its disgusting sometimes. But we’re learning, through #selflove movements and other things. We have to keep learning, to see other people as worthy of respect no matter what they look like.  That way, maybe we can focus on bigger and better things. 

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