Be a little “extra”

In the course of our lives, we live by a very reasonable rule: a day is normal unless proven bad or good by some extra event. However, humans are attuned to wanting normal. Even if you live in the most beautiful location in the world, the more you see it, the less it impacts you. We grow accostumed to everything, including the passing of the days, and as a result, life tends to go by too fast for our liking.

 So how do you make the most of the time? How do you live “extra” if our minds are always training us to be dulled? 

We do so by acting; we are in charge of the events that take up our lives. You can do more than you think. Just twenty minutes of reading a day and you could eventually become an expert in a field. Some overzealous people will say, “Don’t let it be normal, be extra yourself and get the most out of your day every day!” And to be honest, I’m one of those people. Our pyschology is so designed that we see what we want to. If our attitude can shape our lives, if expecting sunshine will bring out the sun, then it that makes sense: Expect more to get more. 
Granted, there is only so much time in a day, and only so much “looking at the bright side” we can do, but how often do we actually try to do our best? We are so often tethered by expectations, we put ourselves in a cage of misery. Even if its as small as, “I got to drink a nice cup of tea!”, go the extra mile in effort. It’s only a normal day when you don’t see all the “extra” beauty around you. 

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