In regards to year 3000

There’s a beauty in laziness. Humans are so unique because we’ve been developing technology for thousands of years so we don’t have to do as much. I think there is a fear that it will go too far, that that laziness will overcome us and leave us all brain dead, lifeless. That’s the real fear people experience when they look around at a crowd of people on their smartphones. They don’t see a generation that uses another tool, they see people giving up their humanity. Afterall, if there are no challenges, then what will be left to overcome? What will be the point of life itself?

But at the same time, I think we are seeing a little too far into the future. Just because we have solutions doesn’t mean everyone with the problem will be able to get it. We could provide food for the entire world and yet there are incredibly high rates of hunger and poverty, even in the United States. In a theoretical world, we could do a lot with the technology we already have, but we don’t have that world. 

When it comes to the future and technology, what we fear and hope life will be like, we can only look so far. We could look at the whole of humanity and be encouraged, or we could look at the whole of humanity and be discouraged. We can fear or look forward to what technology will do. However, we must admit to ourselves that we are limited. Even with the analyses and predictors, its a safe bet that humans will always be lazy and we will always be curious like we’ve always been. The best we can do is our own best, to help tilt the future to a place better than before. When the idea of the future scares you, let it fuel you to make it better from the best place possible: the present. 

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