all about the aesthetic

Why does physical beauty matter if ‘only the inside counts’? As much as we like to say, “Appearances don’t matter!”, they do. The same shirt can be fine on one person and ‘unprofessional’ on another because the size of the chest. Over and over again, studies have shown that attractive people are treated better and have an advantage over those who are considered unattractive. Artists make their entire livelihood on how it looks. Makeup and fashion have been around for almost as long as civilization, and those aren’t just fields dominated by women. Whilst people who think about their appearance all the time are considered shallow, people who don’t at all are losers.

Psychologically speaking, however, we are attracted to certain people for a good reason. Symmetrical faces come about in a healthy pregnancy, thinner people seem more fit (whether or not that’s true), better clothes show a sign of wealth and support, smells can reveal fertility, etc. Essentially, we want good genes. Colors affect our brains as well; Red makes us more alert, blue makes us more calm, etc. But what does this mean? It means that our brains are wired to look for certain things for specific reasons. Yet, while looking at the outside, we tend to miss the big stuff underneath.

It’s not bad to want to look good, its just bad to making sure you always look good over dealing with other  problems. When approaching people, keep in mind that the cover isn’t the full story. Taking a selfie doesn’t make you a self centered jerk, it just means you like how you look that day. As long as you keep working on the ‘inside’ stuff, it’s okay to work on the outside stuff too. Humans are complex, let’s avoid oversimplifying things.



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