finish the stupid thing

For anyone creatively inclined, perhaps the hardest thing to do is to stay focused on a task. For anyone not creatively inclined, staying focused still tends to be a problem. You start projects and start some more projects, become overwhelmed with the prospect of completing them, and so you start some more projects. On the whole, it’s difficult to complete a task. After the initial burst of energy, thoughts come creeping inside, like, “Well…. do I REALLY need this…?”, and “This will be good enough…” . However, why do we give up that initial image? Why do we let ourselves give up our dreams? Even if it’s small, why do you give it up?

I think we have a habit of thinking that if we care enough, our minds will stay focused for us. If you stop paying attention, it somehow means it wasn’t worthy of your attention. Yet there are people who are world champions in things like building the longest skateboard! We garner meaning from things we put time into. Relationships are meaningful when effort is put in, not because the other person wasn’t ‘worthy’ enough. First you put in the work, then it becomes something amazing. It’s less about waiting for the ‘right thing’, and more about making it the ‘right thing’.

If you finish the chapter, then you can eventually finish the book. Willpower is a physical result of the mental strength of the brain. We are an accumulation of everything we’ve overcome. If you give up once, you’ll give up again, so finish tasks before you start new ones. Train your mind to endure, and you will be able to endure the big obstacles that come your way.

It is hard to stay focused! But it IS worth it. So flip over your phone and put it across the room. Find yourself a place that’s quiet. Take short breaks, and don’t let yourself give up! Read a hundred motivational quotes if you need, but get the thing done.

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