go for clear skin

The interesting thing about skin that we don’t often think about, is that some are more hydrated than others. Some people use moisturizer all the time, others never, and other have to use special soaps to get the oils out. The texture of skin is different as well, rough and coarse where it needs to be and gentle in others. Even if two people have the same interests, ideologies, and values, one might need moisturizer and the other might not, or the brands might differ.

The key is to know yourself. If your skin keeps breaking out, maybe you need to switch brands. If you keep feeling uncomfortable around your friends, maybe you should find new friends. If you feel itchy and dry, maybe you need to use more moisturizer. If you feel like you aren’t really experiencing life, then maybe its time to rethink what your life is about.  Some friends have a healthy relationship in which they can tease each other all the time, but for others, it can be taken too seriously. People who have ‘thin skin’ might be far more sensitive to the needs of other and have different strengths than those with ‘thick skin’. In the context of the rest of your life, try to consider other people as they are, in different skin.

You don’t know why that person cut you off in traffic. You don’t know why that person talks really loudly. You don’t know why that person chews with their mouth open. Maybe the guy in traffic was late to his first interview in months. Maybe that person who’s loud grew up in a large family and doesn’t realize it’s bothering you. Maybe they chew with their mouth open because they are excited and want to talk about something they really care about. Or, maybe they realize its bothering you and don’t care. Either way, if their skin needs taking care of, only they can apply the lotion. Make sure you are being skin healthy before you start critiquing their acne. And frankly, we all can take better care of our skin.



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