life is the journeying chocolate box you make

Every weakness can be made into a strength, and every strength can betray you to a weakness. However, the greatest strength is to know yourself. Imagine you are a character in a book; what are your motivations? Most books have both internal and external conflicts. What physical things in your environment challenge you? What are things you struggle with inside? The best kind of writers are those who ask questions because if they ask the right questions of their characters, they can understand everything they need to know to write the role well. If you are a character in your own book, the story of your life, why wouldn’t you also ask questions of yourself?

There are many idioms and quote about life, “Life is a journey”, “Life is like a box of chocolates”, “Life is what you make it”, etc., but if anything is potent about existence, it’s that we don’t know what the future will hold. That’s a frightening thought, to consider you don’t have all the answers. Even if you know yourself inside and out, a new situations could introduce something that changes everything. Identities are fluid and dynamic, they change over time. Maybe you were sure you’d be a baseball player one day and now you’re a taxidermist. Maybe the change wasn’t so drastic. Still, whoever you are at the moment, asking the right questions can make all the difference.

Most likely we’ve all seen that really really annoying character on a show or a movie who is either really oblivious or overly insensitive, and you cringe watching them make their own problems worse. You want to scream at them and throw the remote throw the screen so they don’t make that stupid mistake. Fictional characters’ plights are meaningful because they represent us. Looking back at what we’ve done with ourselves, we see all the stupid mistakes we’ve made and feel the force of the emotional turbulence it brings. You ask, “How could they not see that?! Didn’t it occur to them?!!” However, they didn’t, just as our old selves didn’t.

Questioning everything doesn’t solve the problem. If you don’t trust anything, it makes you overly paranoid and anxious. However, the best way to deal with problems is to know what the problems are. Ask and learn. All you have to lose is your ignorance, and if you remain ignorant, how can you change for the better?

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