hey loser

You’re a loser because you’ve lost something (I loved Guardians of the Galaxy, if you can tell). No matter who you are, or where you’ve been, you couldn’t hold on to everything. That’s okay. Seriously. Your body is made up of cells that are constantly dying and being created. Most of your body is replaced every seven years, so who you are now is completely different from who you were seven years ago, and that’s just physically. We have a habit in our society of assuming that if you lose something, it’s because you weren’t strong enough, or smart enough. Yet, every situation is made up of millions of factors. By reducing your struggle to, “I wasn’t good enough, and that’s why they left me”, you’re lying to yourself. If you critically look at a situation, you find that nothing is clearcut.

That’s why stories are so delightful and alluring. The whole concept of ‘bronies’ shocks people; why would any adult man watch a show about magical horses meant for five year olds? Yet, why wouldn’t you be? If you know who the enemy is, you can hate them and love the perfect protagonist. What you should believe is simple, and therefore your identity is set. There is a cohesive battle to believe in and support. Then, as we grow, we find out that life isn’t so clear cut. The villain has a backstory, they had good intentions, or they were abused and didn’t get the help they needed. Those who we idolized are actual people who can be cowardly, slimy, arrogant, cruel. We come to questions like, “do intentions matter or the outcomes?” A person with kind intentions can pet a service dog, distract it from its job, and prevent it from alerting people when it’s owner is in trouble. A person with intentions to only make money for themselves can start a business that helps people get out of poverty.

I’m not a philosopher, but we exist in a world where judging other people, reducing their existence to a single factor, cannot be taken lightly. Everyone is who they are because of their experiences, whether that person did all they could or not is not something the average person has access to. Therefore, the only logical option is to respect others.

You have lost something because you are human. Whatever is gone now, it has changed you, for better or worse. Respect those experiences, they’ve made you. Yet, if things are undoubtedly going to be lost, lose something that will make you a better person. Respect others, and know that they’ve been changing as well. Some things are more clearcut than others, but people are always more than they seem.

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