technology is fabulous

Fear is inescapable. No matter what you do, there will always be something to be afraid of. There will always be risks to take. Even lying in your bed doing nothing entails the possibility of trouble, around 450 people die falling out of their bed in the US every year. I’m not saying this to scare you into putting up bumpers around your bed, but instead to put things in perspective. There will always be trouble in your life, some sort of high tower to climb between the rocky mountains. Pessimism is a choice; if you try being optimistic for a week and don’t like it, you can always revert back to assuming the worst will always occur.

However, if anything and everything could go wrong, that also means there are other possibilities. Pessimism tends to be more realistic in my bias opinion, but the danger of it is that it gives credence to the voice saying, “This is your limit”. A vast number of times throughout the day though, we don’t actually reach our limit. We say, “Try your best”, but we actually mean, “Give more than the minimal amount of effort needed to complete this task”. What is your limit? How do you know if you haven’t given your all? I hate the phrase, “Give 120% of your effort!” because that physically can’t be done. All you can give is 100%; the problem is that no one ever does and we convince ourselves 75% is everything.

Fear is there, a constant companion on the journey of life, and so is the possibility of actually trying. We have the tools as well! We have amazing technology that allows us to zip from point to point, from feline dental care to the alien side character’s culture in episode 73 of Star Trek: Next Generation. We have a mostly literate society that is learning to be more greedy for knowledge and truth. There’s a lot of problems, there will always be problems, but that doesn’t mean we should just give up. Today is better than yesterday, yesterday better than 10 years ago, better than 100 years ago, because today is still occurring. So try. Face the fear, go after that dream; it is better to try and live the life you want to than be a slave to what could happen if you did.

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