A really long title like a panic! at the disco song

Sometimes I try to write and it’s like a massive sheep is rolling around in my brain. I try to think of the next word, but instead it’s hard to get at and it seems like there’s a blaring somewhere in there. Still, I am here, and in order to succeed at anything, you have to work at that thing. It’s a rather unfortunate fact.

Maybe I’m shouting at the atmosphere in an open field where nothing that wears clothes lives for miles, but at least it’s something to shout at the atmosphere in an open field where nothing that wears clothes lives for miles. To grasp at what is there, to fully be thankful for every moment is far better than being miserable. I guess it sounds like something you would hear some wise old character influenced heavily by Daoism say. I’m not Daoist, but it would be foolish to ignore a culture’s deeply held beliefs simply because it was different.

Would you like a thesis? Here it is: I am going to try my best today, and I think you should too. Not that a person will ever come across this, but what’s the worst thing that’s occurring directly at this moment? Statistically speaking, likely not what’s happening to you. Seas are rising, people are drowning, giving into addictions they thought they overcame, terrorists: There’s a lot out there. Yet, what is happening to you? Whatever has happened is over now, by definition. You made it! Or at least you made it through the first step of it. What will happen hasn’t happened yet, so you’re in the clear for at least a short while. ‘Worrying makes you suffer twice’, according to a clever line I took from Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them. The hard part is that it’s hard not to worry.

People develop anxious habits because if you think about whatever is coming up, then a part of you feels like you are getting ready for it. After the mental preparation is done however, the anxiety starts to erode the same mental fortitude you were trying to build up. If you are thinking about something, worrying about something, it’s for a reason. Maybe your struggles won’t make the news, but it obviously has made the headlines of your own life events. So ask yourself, why do you care? Remind yourself of who you are and what you want. If you don’t know either, then think about what you’ve done and what you are proud of, no matter how small it is.

Then put yourself in the grand scheme: Most likely, you are going to survive this. What if you actually did your best? No matter what factors are affecting you, tomorrow can be better. If you give up you’ll never know. So don’t give up.

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